‘Gather Hear Tour’ Piano Concert This Week At Uintah County Library

The Uintah County Library is excited to host pianist Miki Sawada on the Utah leg of her ‘Gather Hear Tour’. The Uintah County Library announcement shares that Sawada is taking her piano across the country to heal divisions between people through music. "People of the Uinta Basin have always gathered to support the arts, and we are fortunate to have a cultural opportunity like this come to our community," said Chrystal Summarell. Sawada is partnering with the Mundi Project, a non-profit that seeks to break down barriers through quality music experiences, for the Utah portion of her tour. Don't miss this chance to experience this live event, September 15th at 6pm, featuring music from a variety of composers including the University of Utah's Elisabet Curbelo. Visit gatherhear.com to learn more. 


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