Local Tech Company Warns Of Facebook Scam

It’s not a new scam but it continues to get new victims. Local tech company, Techris Design, is offering some free advice in the form of a scam warning. “Be careful who you accept a friend request from on Facebook,” shares the warning. “Your information might be used against you.” In case you haven’t heard of this scam, here is what to know: “A scammer will send you a friend request on Facebook. If you accept it, they will begin gathering data about you from your Facebook page. They take copies of personal photos of you and then they make sure to keep a list of your other friends. Once they have the info they need, they create a new facebook account under your name, as if it was you, and refriend people that are on your friends list. Then they start trying to convince your friends to follow a variety of different scams. Your friends think it is you who are recommending the bad investments. Once they are done with scamming your friends, they gather their personal info and browse their personal data looking for more friends to scam.” The lesson is clear. Do not accept sketchy friend requests and don’t believe every message you receive. 


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