Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office Conducting Checkpoints

Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office shared this week that deputies issued several citations and warnings during the busy holiday weekend after stopping hundreds of drivers at an administrative checkpoint in western Duchesne County. Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Monty Nay reports that 360 vehicles were stopped at a checkpoint on Highway 35 just west of Hanna on September 6th. Officers set up the checkpoint looking for driver compliance with license, registration and insurance laws. Nay is happy to report that most drivers comply with the law and have up-to-date vehicle and trailer registrations as well as current driver's licenses and auto insurance, but deputies found there are some individuals who are not in compliance and others who were busted for other serious violations. Deputies cited three people for driving under the influence, several others for open container and two juvenile alcohol consumption citations were issued. There were three drug citations as well. Several drivers received citations or warnings for driving on suspended licenses or for other infractions such as failure to obtain insurance and out of date vehicle registration. Nay says these random checkpoints are essential in helping to enforce laws. “Occasionally we find we need to help remind citizens to stay on top of vehicle registrations, drivers license renewals and maintain proper vehicle insurance, but these checkpoints are also a good way to get drivers off the road who choose to endanger lives by driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol,” shares Nay. “We plan to conduct more of these checkpoints randomly throughout the coming year.”


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