Duchesne County School District COVID-19 Numbers By School

Duchesne County School District has a reminder for community members. “[The district’s COVID-19] protocols include a plan that, if positive test case numbers reach a certain threshold, would result in online instruction for a time,” shares the announcement. “To maintain in-person learning, Duchesne County School District encourages its students and families to take action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes receiving the vaccine, the voluntary wearing of masks, practicing personal hygiene, and staying home when sick.” The Duchesne County School District COVID-19 Dashboard on dcsd.org shows that as of September 8th, 7 schools have 1 or more confirmed COVID-19 cases within the past 14 days. Duchesne High School and Myton Elementary have 1 case each, Roosevelt Junior High has 2, East Elementary has 5, Centennial Elementary has 6, Duchesne Elementary has 8, and Union High has 20.  The 2021 COVID Protocol Letter states that according to state law, testing will be required if a school has more than 30 positive COVID-19 cases in which case non-immunized students would have to be tested to remain at school for their learning and extracurricular activities. 


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Yeah I’m pretty sure my kids are not going to be tested on a regular basis because they are unvaccinated.

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