DWR Stocks Green River With Largest Trout to be Stocked There to Date

Anglers take note: The Division of Wildlife Resources just stocked the Green River with the largest rainbow trout to be stocked there to date. “The fish average 12 inches long, but some are 15 inches, which is usually the size they achieve a year or two after stocking!” shares the Division of Wildlife Resources. “About 8,000 fish went in it at Spillway, just below the dam, and 4,500 fish went in at Little Hole.” These trout are a Fish Lake Desmet strain and came from the Springville hatchery. Stocking Utah waters has garnered attention in the national news recently when the DWR shared a video of an airplane stocking high-elevation lakes in Utah by dumping the fish as it flies over lakes. The stocking of the Green River was not as dramatic but is still just as exciting.


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