Local ‘Feeding Children Service Project’ Prepares Nearly 30,000 Meals

An amazing group of volunteers made a huge difference during a service project on Saturday in Roosevelt that will go a long way in filling hungry bellies. The folks at Just Serve teamed up with Strata Networks for the Feeding Children project which utilized 200 volunteers in assembling meal packets of jambalaya containing lentils, rice, dried veggies and himalayan salt. Two 1-hour sessions were held during which an amazing 28,224 total meals were packaged. Broken down, that amounts to 98 cases, 288 meals per case, 48 packages per case, with 6 meals per package. “Serving in the community is always a wonderful experience, but knowing the service you are rendering is for children and families within our own area is such an honor,” shares Danette Garrard with JustServe Uintah Basin. “When we think of hunger issues, we often think of the families in 3rd world countries, which is a real problem, but we also have people in our own area that do not know where their next meal is coming from. We more than likely see these faces in town, or at school, or even at the grocery store and we don't recognize their struggles.” The packaged meals are being distributed to local churches, the food pantry, Children’s Justice Center, and other organizations that can share it with locals in need. 


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