‘Friends Against Family Violence’ Give Fiscal Year Report

An organization committed to serving the community provided a Fiscal Year report earlier this month and it’s amazing all that’s been achieved. Friends Against Family Violence accomplished 411 crisis calls, 47 individuals sheltered, 831 case management services provided, and 9 clients rehoused. The report also shares the following: For the last two years Friends Against Family Violence has successfully run both our shelter services, as well as the crisis hotline. Without a moment of lapse, we staffed the shelter and crisis line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last two years. This despite the organization growing, major disruptions from the effects of COVID-19, and an increase in cases due to the pandemic. From our shelter advocates to our leadership and administrative team, our dedicated staff and team members deserve major credit for that accomplishment. To read the full report link through the Friends Against Family Violence Facebook page. 



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