Naples City Hosting Summer Fest and Fireworks on the 24th

Naples City wants to continue to build community traditions and is taking a giant leap in the right direction this weekend. Basin Summer Fest is being held at the Naples City Park on Saturday, July 24th. “This will be the biggest event ever hosted by Naples City,” shares Naples City Mayor Dean Baker. “The fun will include the biggest fireworks show Naples has hosted so far, including a huge surprise you won’t want to miss!” Naples City decided to cancel the New Year’s Eve fireworks for now and moved that budget to this fireworks show making them bigger and better than ever before. The city park will have a variety of activities starting right after the Pioneer Day parade including bounce houses, slip n’ slides, vendors, food trucks, and more fun ways to celebrate the holiday. Mayor Baker also wants it to be clear that this is for everyone, not just Naples City community members. 


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