Steinaker and Red Fleet State Parks Continue Upgrades

Steinaker and Red Fleet State Parks continue to work on facility upgrades. Amanda White, Park Manager for both locations, provided an update during the Vernal Chamber Luncheon this week. Steinaker State Park is working with Uintah County as they expand OHV camping facilities and access to established trails. New bathrooms with showers have been added to the park and upcoming improvements include day use facilities on the beach and increased power and sewer hookups for overnight camping. Exciting upgrades are also ahead for Red Fleet State Park as a major expansion and remodel project will soon be underway to utilize $7.5 million dollars from the Utah Legislature. White shared that the project will begin in late 2021 and will go through May or June 2022. The expansion will completely redo the layout of the campground with sites almost doubling, electrical and sewer hookups added for most sites, and additional primitive access sites added near the north and south beaches. 


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