TriCounty Health Issues Explanation After Offensive Texts Sent to Individuals

TriCounty Health has offered an explanation and apology after offensive text messages were sent under their name. TriCounty Health issued a press release Friday sharing that in an effort to raise awareness of COVID-19 vaccinations in our communities, TriCounty Health Department and the Utah Department of Health hired a private texting service, Public Results, to send information via text message about where and how people can get a vaccine. Pre-scripted text messages and responses were developed prior to the service starting. On June 4th, an employee of Public Results took it upon themself to respond to text messages with inappropriate, offensive, and vulgar language. Fifty-two individuals received these responses. Once Utah Department of Health and TriCounty Health Department became aware of what happened, the texting campaign was immediately canceled. The company that sent the responses issued an apology and was fired. “We vetted this company before hiring them and reached out to other agencies that had successfully used their services both in Utah and across the country,” explained TriCounty Health. “The inappropriate language and responses were NOT approved by either the TriCounty Health Department or Utah Department of Health and we sincerely apologize to everyone who received the messages. As important as the vaccines are to the health of our community, we will find other ways to continue to educate the public as to the importance of receiving the vaccine.”


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