Senator Mike Lee Responds to President Biden’s Address to Congress in Interview

Utah Senator Mike Lee took time out for the citizens of the Uintah Basin on Friday in an interview on Newstalk AM920 KVEL. President Biden’s address to Congress last week outlined his plans for nearly $6 trillion dollars in spending toward COVID relief, an Infrastructure Plan, and the American Families Plan. Lee stated that it’s alarming whenever the government spends more than it takes in but it is especially alarming when it's to this degree. Lee also emphasized that the Biden administration is making it more difficult for Americans to get ahead as they interfere with the ability of the country to produce its own energy, ultimately restricting public lands, which is having a negative impact on rural communities, including and especially, in places like the Uintah Basin. Listen to the entire interview on by clicking on Public Affairs under the Community tab.       Full Link:    


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