While Not All Agree, Masks Still Required in Schools

While not all agree, schools will continue to require students to wear masks through this school year as mandated by the Utah Legislature. The statewide face mask mandate was lifted in Utah on Saturday, April 10th, prompting further conversation and resistance of continued mask use in schools. Local school districts and TriCounty Health Department have asked the community to follow the state requirement which lifts June 15th for public schools. Uintah School District addressed the mask requirement in a District update at the beginning of their spring break stating, “The law says the state cannot require masks in most public places after April 10th. The mask requirement stays in place, however, for Utah’s K-12 schools until June 15th. Local officials, like a school board or county council, don’t have the legal authority to end the mask requirement in schools before this date.” Duchesne County School Board and District Administration issued a letter to parents on April 8th asking that students stick with masks through the end of the school year. "Our hope is to end this school year on a positive note for our students,” shared the letter. “We only have six more weeks of instruction left in the school year. We do not want to jeopardize any of our remaining education opportunities, athletic events, dances, performances, or graduation." 


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