Duchesne County Man Suing Investigating Officer and Agencies for Damages

In the spring of 2019, the last of the charges in 8th District Court filed against a Duchesne County man were dropped and now the man is seeking damages. Charges were filed in May of 2018 against 49-year-old Darin Ace Thomas including two 1st Degree Felony charges of Criminal Conspiracy, two 3rd Degree Felony charges of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, one 3rd Degree Felony charge of Criminal Conspiracy, and one Misdemeanor charge of Sexual Solicitation. While the charges were dropped over the period of months toward the end of 2018 into the spring of 2019 for failure to show probable cause, Thomas has since shared his frustration that he was treated as though guilty even though he consistently denied the allegations from the beginning. Simply put, Thomas says that the false accusations resulted in him losing his job as well as his reputation and he questions the methods used in the investigation. Thomas filed a lawsuit in federal court on April 6th against the officer behind the investigation, Detective Shaun Smith, as well as Vernal City Police Department and the Duchesne County Attorney’s Office. 



The continual methods used by the Vernal P.D. specifically Shaun Smith of ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) overseen by the Utah Attorney General's Office and the DUCHESNE COUNTY Deputy Prosecutor, Grant Charles are in my opinion criminal and need to be investigated themselves for criminal behavior, misuse of public monies in investigating, arresting and prosecuting cases like this! If you know and understand the FACTS of this case then you know that the defendant was arrested without probable cause and persecuted by a prosecutor all in an attempt to get a "Plea deal" from an innocent person. Great Law Enforcement in the Basin. How the public in that area can sit idly by while tax payer based entities act in this manner and misuse public funds AND allows fellow citizens to act as prey... As nothing more than fodder for a corrupt system is beyond me! I guess they see how many innocent people are arrested, prosecuted and convicted in their respective counties and CONTINUALLY see that nothing is done BY ANYBODY so they fear being next!
The worst thing that good people can do is sit idly by while an innocent person suffers at the hands of those in power.
The superintendent of a school district fails to follow school policy, fails to protect his students and staff, then lies about it on television over a sexting scandal and he is still employed bleeding the county of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
A police chief is caught on camera fleeing his office to avoid a confrontation with news media.
A County Attorney sits befuddled on camera trying not to answer simple questions and misdirect blame.
All the while CHILDREN are being exploited in the classrooms, on buses, at school functions and NOBODY DEMANDS ANYTHING FROM ANYBODYOVER THERE!!! WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE PUBLIC THERE LET ALONE PUBLIC AGENCIES??? You all should be ashamed of yourself for sitting idly by while you're family, friends, neighbors are left suffering at the hands of these types of people.
Stand up and demand action! Show some sort of spirit that our forefathers had and hoped would be handed down through generations. If not you, then who?

person Travis Wright

dirty cop

the system is dirty. the cops have to play dirty to get promoted and make a name for themselves. prosecuting attorney is a pencil neck with no balls. take em down man. the whole basin is tarnished because of bad cops and bad prosecutors who only want to promote their careers without the care of the people or humanity. good luck in your case against these corrupt purveyors of slime. they are the real pedophiles we all know it. keep your head high. continue to fight the good fight.

person uncle roosevelt

i threw the 1st stone

When this story first came out a couple of years ago I was like, well he must have done something. We all say that in our minds. Since this story came out I've known 3 other people who have been entrapped by police officers pretending to be something they're not. You might say...well don't take the bait. But the bait is rigged. It's one of your friends, many times, someone who you think you know, even someone who has been with you, and then texts start happening and before you know it someone says something that's a little on the edge, and boom, you are done. There isn't one of you out there that wouldn't get caught in one of these snares and if you think you are immune to it, just wait until it happens to you. NO ONE cares about any of this stuff until it happens to you or your family. Comes around goes around. Wake up my Basin Peeps and let's stand together against bad cops usurping unrighteous power. And yes...the county will pay for these bad actors, and rightfully so.

person Tridell Tom

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