Utah Mobile Driver License Pilot Program Getting Underway

The Utah Department of Public Safety has announced that their Driver License Division is taking the first steps toward moving Utahns’ identities out of their wallets and into the 21st century with the initiation of a mobile driver license and identification card pilot program. “In addition to the convenience aspect of adding the primary form of identification to Utahns’ mobile phones, the primary benefit the mobile driver’s license will offer Utahns is enhanced privacy by minimizing the amount of personal data they share, in contrast to what they now share when handing over a physical card. Utah’s mobile driver’s license will be the first in the nation that will incorporate the industry standards established for privacy, security, interoperability, and authenticity. The pilot program is now ready to begin with approximately 100 select participants and will expand to 10,000 participants including the broader public later in the year.     


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