Governor Cox on Infrastructure and Investing in Utah’s Future

Day one of the Building Utah Conference being held in Vernal this week had a laser focus on investing in the state’s infrastructure including the ceremonial signing of HB 433, a bill that begins the biggest investment in infrastructure in Utah’s history. Governor Cox spoke in depth on investing in the state’s infrastructure. “When growth precedes infrastructure the quality of life goes down but when infrastructure precedes growth the quality of life stays high,” shared Cox, who explained that a large amount of relief money is coming to the state of Utah and can be viewed as an opportunity if local and state government work together on big projects. Cox emphasized that he believes it is a mistake to borrow from future generations but that the money is coming regardless. “If we are going to borrow from future generations,” said Cox, “let’s invest that money for our future generations. Let's invest that money in infrastructure. Let’s invest that money in people. Let’s invest that money in a way that will pay dividends for generations to come. That’s what we can do,” continued Cox. “We can give a gift to our kids and grandkids in the same way that people 20 years ago, 50 year ago, 150 years ago invested in ways that made Utah what it is today.” Cox also emphasized the need to focus on rural infrastructure and broadband, water issues, rural satellites, and the Uintah Railway. Following his speech, Governor Cox signed HB 433 ‘Amendments Related to Infrastructure Funding’, SB 243 ‘Political Subdivisions Amendments’, and SB 176 ‘Mineral Lease Funds Amendments’. 


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