Uintah Basin Not Required But Encouraged to Wait on Watering

While not required, the Utah Division of Water Resources has made it very clear that most of Utah, including the Uintah Basin, should wait to start watering lawns and landscaping. “Actually, most turf is still dormant (looks kinda dead and brown) and is slowly waking up (you’ll have patches of brown and green) from its winter nap,” they share. “You don’t need to mow your lawn yet either. Taller grass equals stronger roots. It allows the roots to dig deeper to get water. We challenge you to #Wait2Water till May. Challenge your friends to wait and let them know we don’t need to water yet.” Roosevelt City shared their own message this week stating that “at present, there are no restrictions on outdoor watering for Roosevelt City residents. Secondary water service is scheduled to start on April 15th. The State of Utah is currently experiencing extreme drought conditions. As such, we encourage residents to conserve water wherever possible. It is always best to water lawns and outdoor plants in the morning or evening hours rather than during the heat of the day.”


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