DWR Invites Those Interested to Apply to be Hunter Education Instructors

The Division of Wildlife Resources is inviting those interested in teaching hunter education to apply. An announcement from the DWR shares that: the majority of the instructors who teach hunter education in Utah are volunteers, rather than DWR employees. Since the program was launched, there have been roughly 2,500 volunteer instructors...“In these hunter education classes, instructors can share their skills, including their expertise and love of the outdoors, firearm safety and marksmanship, among other things,” Hunter Education Program Manager RaLynne Takeda said. “They have the incredible opportunity to pass their outdoor knowledge and skills on to others. They can instill their love of hunting and appreciation for wildlife in someone else. That’s a pretty unique experience. And, as an added benefit, some retailers and manufacturers offer discounts to hunter education instructors.” Anyone interested in becoming a hunter education instructor can apply on www.wildlife.utah.gov.


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