Prime Time 4 Kids Defies Odds of 2020 and Continues Serving Stronger Than Ever

With a mission too important to put on hold, Prime Time 4 Kids defied the odds and found ways to continue their early intervention services throughout 2020. Now, with their staff vaccinated and restrictions lifting they are back in full force and inviting the community to schedule to bring their children, from newborn up to 3 years old, in for a free evaluation to learn if early intervention services are needed. “The first three years of life are when the most connections are being made in the brain,” shares Prime Time Speech Language Pathologist Justin Benson. “The ‘Wait and See’ approach can be detrimental in a child’s development. While those connections are being made we want to start targeting development in gross motor, fine motor, speech, adaptability, and social and emotional areas so that learning happens while those connections are occurring so rapidly. ” While most early intervention services in the state were put on hold or severely limited, Prime Time got creative and continued services using Zoom virtual visits, socially distanced group activities, outside visits, and eventually visits in homes or at the Prime Time headquarters. Because of their experience, Prime Time has been able to mentor other organizations as they have started to offer services again. “We were able to help other facilities up and down the Wasatch Front as they got going again,” shares Benson. “Things we were able to implement, like the group Zooms, these organizations called us and wanted to know everything we did and how best to make it work.” Thank you Prime Time 4 Kids for setting a great example of making the most of a difficult year and finding ways to serve so many, including our precious birth to 3-year-old children, in the meantime! To learn more about services at Prime Time 4 Kids or to schedule a free evaluation of your child, visit or call 435-789-5409. 


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