Utah Senator Introduces Act to Address U.S. Border Surges

A Utah Senator is focused on what is being called a crisis on the United States/Mexico border and offering what he believes to be a solution to the chaos. Senator Mike Lee recently introduced the Stopping Border Surges Act which would address loopholes in the immigration system which Lee says encourages immigrants to take dangerous, illegal paths of entry into the United States. “The simple, common-sense adjustments it proposes would help ensure the integrity of our borders, and remove perverse incentives for parents to entrust their children to coyotes and cartels. The American people deserve to know how our own laws and policies are enriching and empowering coyotes and cartels, and hurting vulnerable women and children,” says Lee. “They deserve to know what is happening at our border.” The Act was blocked by Senate Democrats but Lee plans to continue his pursuit for reform. Lee says that the crisis has been, in his opinion, created by the “deliberate non-enforcement” of laws.   


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