Rep. Moore Brings Attention to Uintah Basin on Live Mic with Lee Lonsberry

District 1 Representative Blake Moore hasn’t forgotten his constituents in the Uintah Basin and is making sure to draw attention to this struggling part of Utah. Moore was a guest on the ‘KSL Live Mic with Lee Lonsberry’ show when the topic of Utah’s wonderful economy was brought up. The Malcolm Institute recently ranked the best performing cities in the United States and Utah made the list with 3 Wasatch Front cities in the top 10 ranking. While Moore congratulated this accomplishment he said it’s not enough. “If one area is doing great we have to celebrate it but we also have to make sure we consider areas like the Uintah Basin,” shared Moore. “Duchesne, Uintah, and Daggett Counties have been hit very hard with the pandemic...We can celebrate all the good going on but we can do even better and make sure that it gets out to our rural areas as well.” Moore suggested pairing the strong companies on the Wasatch Front with a remote workforce in the Uintah Basin. To listen to the entire interview, visit


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