‘Blithe Spirit’ Opens Tonight at Vernal Theatre Live

You may not know what it is but you’ve likely seen the name ‘Blithe Spirit’ on marquees around town. This is because tonight is opening night for the Blithe Spirit community theatre production at Vernal Theatre: Live as well as the cinema version on the big screen at local movie theaters. The magic of the stage production comes in large part from the local actors that take on new unique roles. McKenzie Johnstun says it has been a fun challenge to play a husband haunting ghost. “I’m usually a really awkward shy person but on stage I get to express myself without being myself,” shares McKenzie. “Some might worry about this play being dark and witchy but I have never felt once that my part is dark. It’s really just more comedic.” The role of Edith the Maid is also a unique character as her communication throughout the play is done mostly with her body language and movement. “This has been new for me. I don’t have many lines but there’s so much I’m supposed to project out to the audience,” shares Alicia Smith who plays Edith. “It has been a challenge but a really good one.” Blithe Spirit opens tonight and runs select nights through February 27th. Visit www.vernaltheatre.com for tickets. 


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