Small Business Quarantined Employee Grant Program Extended

The deadline for those wanting to take part of  the Small Business Quarantined Employee Grant program has been extended. The program will continue into 2021 until the funds are exhausted or there is no longer a need for a grant. Additional funds were allocated to the program by the Utah Labor Commission. The $5 million dollar Small Business Quarantined Employee Grant uses federal CARES Act funds and additional state funds as part of Utah’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. It provides reimbursement to small business employers who pay employees to stay home during quarantine or isolation for a maximum of 40 hours per week for a period of up to two calendar weeks. To be eligible a business needs to have less than 50 employees, have one or more employees receiving notice that the employee must quarantine or isolate due to positive COVID-19 test or exposure to someone who has tested positive, and be continuing to pay out regular wages to an employee(s) while the employee was in quarantine/isolation. Any qualified business can go to for more information. To talk to an individual contact Eric Olsen at 801-530-6918.


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