Uintah County Attorney Office Transition and Future

Changes have been taking place and more are in store for the Uintah County Attorney’s Office. On Saturday, January 16th, Uintah County Attorney Greg Lamb was sworn in as the new 8th District Court Judge to replace now retired Judge Edwin T. Peterson. On Monday, January 11th, Uintah County Deputy Attorney Jon Stearmer was appointed and sworn in as the Interim Uintah County Attorney. In his first week, Stearmer has seen to the creation of a Facebook and Instagram page for the Uintah County Attorney’s Office in order to make the office more accessible to the public. On Monday, January 18th, Stearmer discussed the Attorney Office’s transition and future during a radio interview on Newstalk 104.5 KVEL which is available on www.BasinNow.com. Stearmer explained during the discussion that the process for appointing a replacement Uintah County Attorney is set forth in the state election code. When the vacancy was announced, notice was provided to the Uintah County Republican Party Central Committee because Lamb was elected on the Republican ticket. The Committee then had until January 9th, 30 days from the date of vacancy, to provide 3 names for consideration to the Uintah County Commission. The Commission then has 45 days to select the replacement to fulfill Lamb’s remaining term. That means the Uintah County Commission has until February 22nd to make that appointment. Stearmer answered questions about the current transition and future of the Attorney’s Office, including his ideas if he is the one ultimately appointed to the position. To listen to the entire interview, visit www.BasinNow.com and click on ‘Public Affairs’ under the ‘Community’ tab. 


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