Moffat County Businesses Hope For Help With 5-Star Program State Certification Program

Colorado is finally providing options to hopefully help businesses open up more. The 5-Star Program State Certification Program could help our western Colorado neighbors save their businesses and get back to some semblance of everyday life. According to the Craig Press the “5-Star Program allows businesses to operate at a level above where the county is on the COVID-19 dial. The plan comes with some stipulations for businesses. Those stipulations are that employees and customers are required to wear masks, and maintain a distance of six feet, keep tables ten feet apart from each other. The businesses are also required to habitually clean and sanitize surfaces that are “high touch”, record customers’ names for contact tracing and check employee’s systems and tracking exposure.” The plan would allow business to open up from 25% capacity to 50% capacity, a move that could save many of the businesses that are struggling. 


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