‘Daddy Long Legs’ Is First 2 Person and Double Cast Show at Vernal Theatre: Live

Vernal Theatre: LIVE’s newest production opens tonight and those that are familiar with the show are urging anyone on the fence to trust them and get tickets ASAP. In fact, they say you’ll actually want to see it twice and there is a special discount for those that do just that! ‘Daddy Long Legs’ has everything that people love about musicals and the cast and crew are all very attached to the show. “This is really a unique show because there is only 2 people in it,” explains Director Emily Walker “The music is phenomenal and the actors are performing it flawlessly with such beautiful harmonies.” Another unique aspect of the show is there are two casts. Walker says that decision was made as a sort of built in COVID plan. “I was asking myself what our plan would be if someone got sick and 2 casts was the easiest way to make sure the show could go on,” shares Walker, who also explained that having 2 casts also allows them a break between performances since a 2 person show is simply a lot night after night. Those that would like to see both casts can receive a coupon code for the second night. After purchasing the first set of tickets, simply email vernaltheatre@gmail.com to get a discount coupon for tickets to see the other cast. For more details and to purchase tickets, visit www.vernaltheatre.com


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