Buckskin Hills Ski and Snow Tubing Hill Grand Opening on Saturday

Uintah County wants all to join in some new local fun, declaring that “the time has finally come for a new generation of memories to be made on the local hills outside of Vernal.” The Buckskin Hills Ski and Snow Tubing Hill is having their grand opening today at noon with food, vendors, and music. The recreation area is divided by a tow rope to use to get to the top of the hill. The left side of the hill is for tubing, and the right side of the hill is for skiing and snowboarding.” There is also a small hill on the very south end of the hill (the bunny hill) to use personal equipment. To use any hill a waiver is required and a fee of $10 per person or $25 per family (tubes included in cost) will be charged at the entrance. “This is a recreation area that the entire community can use and be proud of,” shares Uintah County. “We will have fire pits for keeping warm and food truck concessions available to purchase. We can just hear the stories that are going to be shared for years to come.” Visit the Buckskin Hills Ski and Snow Tubing Hill Facebook page for more information. 


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Very Poor Use of Pandemic-Tax Dollars

THIS is what the commissioners are doing with tax dollars? With FREE hills, snow, and sledding all around our area, THIS is what the commissioners think is a credible use of pandemic money - which comes 100% from our hard-earned tax dollars? This is a ridiculous waste of money. And just how many legal loopholes did they have to find and/or create to get this through with absolutely zero public comment? Not a single one of these commissioners will have my vote next time around. They have all proved how corrupt they are and that they are only in this job to line their own pockets and the pockets of their nepotistic friends, not to truly represent those of us who live and work in the county.

person Genessiya Christian


Can I sign a waiver online or through email? My daughter who is 13 is going with her friend and their family. I won’t be able to go.

person Deedra Halcomb

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Inappropriate use of Pandemic Assistance Funds

It is sad that our ELECTED county officials believe that constructing a sledding hill is more important than providing assistance to citizens that are unemployed, hungry, sick, homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless because of a global pandemic. Due to poor judgement by our local ELECTED officials, this appropriation of funds should be investigated and all involved should be held accountable. It is a shame that a sledding hill that will be open 3 or 4 months out of the year is more important than the well-being of our local friends and neighbors that are struggling during these extremely difficult times.

person Anonymous

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