Uintah High School New Site for Free COVID-19 Testing Clinic

The Utah Department of Health has added locations around the state where free COVID-19 rapid antigen testing is offered, including within the Uintah Basin. Uintah High School will host a free testing clinic on Friday and Saturday, January 22nd and 23rd, and Friday and Saturday, January 29th and 30th. Anyone in the community can get tested at these FREE testing clinics, even if they do not have symptoms of COVID-19, shared Uintah School District in a press release. The state Health Department is also encouraging anyone who might have any symptoms, even mild ones, to come and get tested. Online registration is encouraged to cut down on any potential delays at the testing site but is not required. Identification will be required. “The goal of these FREE testing clinics is to more quickly identify people who are currently infectious with COVID-19, including those who may not even know they are infected because they don’t have symptoms,” shares the press release. “Identifying these individuals will help slow the spread of infection in the community... Test results will be emailed to those tested within 30-60 minutes after being tested.” Register online at coronavirus.utah.gov


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