Western Colorado Representative Taking Heat and Giving Heat In Political Spotlight

A western Colorado Representative who has been in the spotlight on all sides of the political spectrum for the last week made a speech on the House floor Wednesday opposing President Trump’s impeachment. Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is in her first term representing Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District which includes rural Moffat County and Rio Blanco County. She has been an outspoken supporter of President Trump and when the U.S. Capitol building was violently breached on January 6th Boebert tweeted that she and other representatives “were locked in the House Chambers” and sent a second tweet stating “The Speaker has been removed from the chambers.” That second tweet has resulted in calls for her resignation through a trending hashtag as well as a letter condemning her conduct signed by elected officials in her district. The accusation is that Boebert endangered Speaker Pelosi’s life with her tweet, something Boebert claims is not true as she says her tweet was after the Speaker was safely removed and that the same thing was being broadcast on TV stations. On Wednesday, Representative Boebert was given 1 minute on the Floor where she stated her opposition to the impeachment of President Trump and denounced the violence on the Capitol last week which she said was just like when she opposed the first impeachment and the violence across the country last summer. Boebert then focused her remarks on what she called the hypocrisy of the left, offering examples that she says showed Democrats defending riots and looting. “Where’s the accountability for the left after encouraging and normalizing violence?” stated Boebert. “Rather than helping American people in this time, we start impeachments that further divide our country.” Boebert then punctuated her thoughts by saying, “I call bull-crap.” Wednesday’s remarks no doubt aimed the spotlight all the brighter on Representative Boebert, fueling either the opposition or support of her divided constituents.


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