Lt. Governor Meets With TriCounty Health on Vaccination Plans Into the Future

Details from a Wednesday press release shed light on potential plans for distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to the general public: Utah Lt. Governor Deidre Henderson visited TriCounty Health Department on January 13th to discuss what needs there are for the area and what it might take for TriCounty Health to vaccinate the community against COVID-19. TriCounty Health Interim Health Officer Darrin Brown, Director of Nursing KayCee Asay, Medical Advisor Dr. Karl Breitenbach, and Board of Health Chair Terry Nelson met with Henderson, Jill Parker with Utah Association of Local Health Departments, Executive Director of Utah Department of Health Rick Saunders, and Uintah School District Superintendent Rick Woodford. The meeting regarded the plan, logistics and staffing for vaccinating the public locally.  “We want to make sure TriCounty Health has the resources to get as many vaccines in arms as possible,” Henderson said. “It will help us get back to normal and help us save lives.” The visit was in preparation for vaccinating the public against COVID-19. Since the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is approved for non-pregnant individuals 18 years and older, TriCounty Health has the potential need to vaccinate up to 38,000 people across the tri-county area.  “It is encouraging and we are grateful that the Governor’s Office supports our local health department in our effort to end the pandemic,” Interim Health Officer Darrin Brown said. “We are grateful that our Lt. Governor Henderson is behind TriCounty Health in being the best place for our communities to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.” Get up-to-date information about the COVID-19 vaccine at


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