Utah District #1 Rep. Moore Statement on Wednesday’s Impeachment Vote

Congressman Blake Moore issued the following statement on Wednesday concerning the impeachment vote: “Last Wednesday, when I voted against the majority of my party on my third day in office, I realized that I can make hard and seemingly unpopular decisions. Voting to strip electoral votes from sovereign states is a dangerous precedent, and I did not hear anything that justified such a high bar. I am committed to being level-headed and objective in my representation of the First District as I uphold my oath to defend the Constitution. Last week’s vote, however, was much easier than today’s decision. Today, I want the First District to know that regardless of how difficult and emotional a decision this will be for me, I will remain objective and ground my votes in the Constitution and the rule of law. This role is bigger than I am. I am a representative of the First District. A rushed impeachment will set as dangerous a precedent as a misguided attempt to overturn state-certified elections. Without a single hearing or investigation, I simply cannot reach the high bar of impeachment. Instead, I have joined nine colleagues in introducing a censure resolution that I believe will provide a swifter and more constitutional path to accountability. I have also requested to join a bipartisan commission to investigate the attack on January 6th. To my critics—and there will be many—please know that this was the most painful decision I have ever made in my life. Other members of my party will vote to impeach, and after countless conversations with them, I know their motives are pure, and I believe we share the same desire for a more productive and unified America...Please know that I demand justice for January 6th, but a snap impeachment is not the answer. I was not elected to solely vote my personal feelings but to vote objectively with respect to the Constitution and my district. I will defend this decision, and I pledge to work hard to keep your trust.”


Vote your constituents views not Yours

They need to realize they need to vote what their constituents want and not THEIR desires.

person Dan Volz

Blake Moore for President!!

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