DWR Report on Poaching in 2020

Poaching in Utah was down in 2020 from the year before but not by much. According to a press release from the Division of Wildlife Resources, a total of 1,056 animals were killed illegally in 2020 compared to 1,080 in 2019. “The total combined value of the wildlife illegally killed in 2020 was more than $379,000. In 2019, the total value was more than $406,500. While the total number of animals illegally taken dropped a bit in 2020, the total number of citations for unlawful take and wanton destruction actually increased from 499 citations issued in 2019 to 773 citations in 2020” ” explains the announcement. “The overall number of violations detected by DWR conservation officers last year (this includes citations for unlawful take and wanton destruction) was 4,760 compared to 3,525 violations in 2019. A total of 35 people had their hunting or fishing privileges suspended in Utah in 2020, compared to 84 in 2019.” Residents are always encouraged to report suspicious hunting activity and known poaching by calling the UTiP hotline at 1-800-662-3337. 


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