ABC’s 20/20 Episode on Dating Game Killer Features Sweetwater County Case

A Sweetwater County detective appears in the latest episode of ABC’s 20/20 show which shines a light on the infamous Dating Game Killer. Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office Detective Jeff Sheaman discusses the murder of Christine Thornton that took place in Sweetwater County and how, in 2016, Sheaman and other Sweetwater County officers connected the tragic murder of Thorton and her unborn child to the murders of at least 7 other women across the country. Each of these women were tragically victims of the now infamous Dating Game killer, Rodney Alcala. The Dating Game was one of the most popular TV shows in the 1960s and 70s and Alcala made his appearance in 1978 not long after the murder that took place near Granger, Wyoming in Sweetwater County in 1977. The 20/20 episode debuted on January 7th and can be streamed on


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