Utah Department of Public Safety Tips to Be Safe Concerning Phishing

According to Utah’s Department of Public Safety, phishing scams saw a big surge in 2020. It is important for the households and individuals of the Basin to be on the lookout for potential phishing scams. Phishing attacks use email or malicious websites to infect a person’s computer with malware and viruses in order to collect personal and financial information. The goal of these cybercriminals is to get people to click on a link or open an attachment by sending emails that appear to come from a real financial institution, e-commerce site, government agency, or any other service, business, or individual. The criminals will ask for personal information, including account numbers, passwords, or Social Security numbers. There are some simple steps that should be followed to be safe. The first is to play hard to get. Be cautious of generic greetings. If there is a concern about the legitimacy of the email contact the company directly. Another step is to think before any action. If a communication is imploring immediate action or creating a sense of urgency then reach out to the customer service department of the company. Protect personal information to avoid a direct spear-phishing attack. Approach hyperlinks with caution by hovering over links to verify authenticity and ensure that the URLS begin with “https”. Double the login protection by enabling the multi-factor authentication. Consider shaking up password protocol to have the longest password permissible. Finally, install and update anti-virus software. It is a digital world and we need to be digital smart. 


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