COVID-19 Vaccinations Administered to Duchesne County School District Staff

COVID-19 vaccinations began to be distributed to staff within Duchesne County School District on Monday. Uintah Basin Healthcare issued a press release sharing that they have been following the COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution plan and are now able to use the excess supply of 170 doses from their first Moderna vaccine shipment to begin vaccinating staff from Duchesne County School District. Uintah Basin Healthcare is following a schedule developed by the school district to provide the vaccinations. “Our local educators and school district staff have been some of our greatest heroes during this pandemic,” stated Jim Marshall, President and CEO of Uintah Basin Healthcare. “We are honored to be able to assist in providing the vaccine in an effort to keep our schools open and our teachers protected.” The school district is using a priority vaccination list and groups of 10 are being sent to the Uintah Basin Healthcare Home Health building for the vaccinations. The plan is to continue vaccinations this week through Friday. All who receive the vaccine will receive a second dose in about 28 days. For more information on Utah’s COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan, visit


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