Makana Masks Makes Donation to Ute Indian Tribe

An American manufacturer of innovative reusable safety masks, Makana Masks, recently donated five hundred masks to the Ute Indian Tribe of Utah in response to an increase of cases of COVID-19 in the Tribe and the surrounding communities. According to a press release from Makana Masks, founder David Mathews made it a goal of the company to donate free masks to vulnerable communities after his participation in medical missions in Southeast Asia. The masks are already being used by those at Eagleview Elementary School, Indian Health Services (IHS), and the Police Department on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation. Masks will be made available to those on the Reservation requiring a level of protection beyond what cloth masks can provide. This includes all of the school nurses responsible for administering COVID-19 testing to students and staff. The reusable masks were developed by a surgeon from soft, comfortable silicone and are molded to the contours of the face. There are four different filter options that enable the wearer to customize their mask, balancing protection and breathability as circumstances require. Some of the filters are more than 99% effective at blocking particles of .3 microns in size, offering far more protection than cloth masks or paper surgical masks.


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