Uintah School District COVID Report

Uintah School District shared on Friday afternoon that they had eight active cases of COVID-19 district wide since classes resumed on Monday. Their announcement stated that it is important to remember that these cases represent only individuals who were in a school or other district building while they were symptomatic or considered contagious. “Please remember we all have a role to play in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in our schools so they can stay open for in-person attendance,” shared the District. “If someone feels sick at all, is waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test or has been told to quarantine due to exposure to a positive case, they should stay home. The quarantine guidelines for all schools in Utah have changed. Students and staff no longer have to be quarantined if they are exposed to an individual at school who tests positive for COVID-19 so long as both individuals were properly wearing a mask. Parents/guardians of exposed students will be notified and directed to monitor their child for symptoms. Students will be allowed to continue attending classes in person so long as they remain symptom-free. No 7-day testing will be offered for these exposures. Anyone exposed outside of school, regardless of mask use, must quarantine for 10 days, with a 7-day test and return option. The district will not provide testing for individuals exposed outside of school. Household contact with a positive case is not eligible for the 7-day test and return option.”


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