Residents Encouraged to Continue Reducing Ozone-Forming Emissions

The Uinta Basin Ozone Alert system shared a new report on Sunday encouraging residents to continue to reduce ozone-forming emissions for the duration of the week. While under normal circumstances an end-of-episode alert would likely have been issued, inversion conditions continue. The 8-hour average ozone at Ouray was just barely less than the EPA standard of 70 parts per billion over the weekend. This means there is still only one regulatory exceedance day for 2021. That said, Saturday’s storm was weak and didn’t fully clear things out so while ozone wasn't as high on Sunday, they expect more inversion days pretty much all week long with the possibility of ozone exceedances on any day. The hope is that relief will come over the weekend when a decent storm is forecast but it is really a matter of waiting to see what will happen. The alert also shared that there has been fairly high particulate haze in Vernal and Roosevelt which went over the EPA standard in Vernal on Saturday. This was the first time for that to happen in several years. To keep up to date on local air quality, visit the @uairquality Twitter feed or the Web App,


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