Discovery Channel Featuring Uintah County with ‘Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’

The Discovery Channel is presenting a show that features the Uintah County area. What could it possibly be about? The show is entitled “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch” and is about Duane Ollinger, his son Chad, and a small team looking for gold and buried treasure in the Basin. Duane bought 160 acres southeast of Ballard and named it the Blind Frog Ranch because of the frogs that they found in the caverns. Not only are they treasure hunting and gold prospecting, there is an infusion of paranormal activity, which in case you were wondering, yes, the ranch is 20 miles from the infamous Skinwalker Ranch. The team were all unbelievers to aliens and supernatural phenomenon but most have walked away being believers. “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch” airs Fridays on the Discovery Channel.  


LaPoint ranch

Should read “Duane bought 160 acre northeast of Ballard (LaPoint)”...part of old Labrum homestead.

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Crow Creek Water Rights

How are the area surface & subsurface water flows (Crow Creek) being effected by the drilling & excavation being done into the karst on the property? What long term effect will it have on Crow Creek water rights owners?

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County Commission denied permit in 2009

2009 Decision of the Uintah County Commission Denying a Conditional Use Permit for Walter Duane Ollinger.

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