Congressman Blake Moore on Electoral College Certification Vote and Economic Hardship in the Uintah Basin

Newly sworn in for Utah Congressional District #1, Congressman Blake Moore gave a live interview Thursday on Newstalk KVEL AM920 and 104.5FM radio that is now available on Congressman Moore’s first few days in office were eventful, including taking part in the electoral college certification vote affirming Joe Biden as President-elect in the early morning hours on January 7th. Moore’s decision to support certifying the electoral vote, he explained, was simply because he does not believe Congress has the ability to overturn a state certified election. “I believe that the Constitution does not give Congress the right to disenfranchise the states and thereby overthrow the electoral college—a long-time goal of Democrats,” shared Moore in a statement Thursday. “...Our determination to abide by the Constitution no matter the outcome is what makes us strong; and respecting the balance of power in our system of government will ultimately reward us. Adherence to our founding document and our commitment to aspirational, pro-growth, and inclusive policies are the reasons we won so many House seats in 2020 and it is how we will take back the majority in 2022,” Moore continued. “I could not in principle object or vote to agree to the objection, but I promise that I will fight for every American’s voice to be heard and every voter to have trust in our system,” he concluded. During his interview on AM920 Moore also emphasized his commitment to preserving election integrity and his support that every report of abuse in the 2020 election must be thoroughly investigated. Finally, Congressman Moore spoke specifically on his desire to help improve the economic situation with high unemployment in the Uintah Basin. “For other parts of the state of Utah to have a strong economy and for the Uintah Basin to have double digit unemployment is wrong and we need to work together to find a way to fix it,” shared Moore. He says working on these kinds of issues is the kind of work he wants to do. To listen to the entire interview, visit and click on Public Affairs under the Community tab.


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