COVID-19 Update

TriCounty Health provided a COVID-19 update on Monday. The total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Uintah, Duchesne, and Daggett Counties combined to date is 1,522. That is an increase of 81 cases since Friday. The total active cases in Daggett County is 5. The total active cases in Duchesne County is 223. The total active cases in Uintah County is 450 and the total active cases for the Ute Indian Tribe is 49. One new death was reported on Monday of a community member in Uintah County. The Uintah School District COVID-19 Dashboard was updated on Monday reporting 18 total confirmed cases district-wide in the past 14 days. Uintah High School is reporting 10, Naples Elementary and Vernal Middle School both report 2, and Ashley Elementary, Davis Elementary, and Uintah Middle School each report 1 case. 


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