Future Project to Relocate Access Road to Moonshine Arch

The Utah Transportation Commission recently approved a project that will relocate the access road to Moonshine Arch. The current unpaved road to the arch meets with U.S. 191 in a very dangerous spot, as it is at a curve with a high angle and limited views. Utah  Department of Transportation plans that the new junction will be at a site with clear views from all directions, have room for a left-turn lane, will add signs and will widen the shoulder to allow for a safer right turn. The Utah Transportation Commission gave approval to spend $1.5 million to relocate the access road and provide better signage. In their document it states, “Uintah County is improving the Moonshine Arch trailhead and installing wayfinding signs, which will increase the number of visitors using the access road.”


This will save lives

On July 24th 2018 a horrific head on collision happened in 5his area that caused several people to have to be life flighted to University Hospital. Nearly loosing their lives. Lives that although we’re saved, they will endure the effects of the damaged caused for the rest of their lives. I am so happy that things are being done to make changes that can save lives.

person Sherry slama

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