Protect Yourself from Grinches This Christmas Season

While the Christmas spirit abounds in our giving community, it's wise to also be on the lookout for grinches lurking about. Vernal City Assistant Police Chief Keith Campbell shares that the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to a rise in online and telephone scams. “Be cautious and do not give out personal information over the phone, text, or email,” he shares. Campbell also confirms that every year holiday package theft is a local problem to watch out for. “If you are expecting a package, watch for it and take it inside as soon as possible,” shares Campbell. “If you are unable to do so have a neighbor, friend, or family member watch for the package. If packages are taken inside and are out of sight it will reduce temptation and availability for thieves.” But what if you do fall victim? “If you discover you are missing a package,” says Campbell, “attempt to track it. If it has been delivered and is missing, immediately report it to Central Dispatch at 435-789-4222 or law enforcement.” 


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