Department of Workforce Services - Uintah Basin Wants to Help Those Struggling

The Department of Workforce Services - Uintah Basin is here to serve the community and shared the following for those in need: “With unemployment running out for a lot of people in Utah please keep in mind the various services that are offered in our offices. We have SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid, Financial Services (general assistance and family employment program), Child Care for those working or looking for work, [and the] Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act for those seeking training (age 14 - 24 for our youth programs and 25 and up for adult). UBAOG also has housing assistance, rental assistance, food pantry, homeless assistance, home repair, home updating and weatherproofing services and HEAT.  Please come see us so we can help you through this rough time.”


Weather assistance

I have a mobile home 14x70 that could use a floor repair. And something done with my cooler it leaks around it and roof needs to be sealed.

person Robert Martin

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