Information Being Sought in Moffat County Poaching Incident

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is seeking information about seven elk that were recently shot and left about 20 miles north of Craig. According to a press release, a concerned citizen contacted wildlife officers on November 22nd and it was believed the incident occurred on November 20th. “We have processed the scene and gathered forensic evidence,” shares Assistant Wildlife Manager Mike Swaro. “We are hopeful that anyone who was around the location late last week can provide us with information about vehicles or people who may have been in that area. Even little things can become the clues that will find those responsible.” A reward fund has been established for the case. “This was not hunting,” stresses Swaro. “This was a poaching. Colorado law requires that a hunter prepare any harvested animal for human consumption, meaning you have to take the meat. To just leave these animals in the field is illegal and unethical and it takes from all of us.” Serious charges will likely apply in the case but Swaro says officers will take all factors into consideration, including the possibility that someone involved might step up and take responsibility. “Unfortunately, this kind of incident puts hunters in a negative light with those who don’t hunt,” says Swaro. “Yet, as we have seen in so many cases, it is the hunters that see something and step forward with information that helps hold poachers responsible.”  Witnesses can call 877-265-6648 or email tips to


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