Memorial Regional Health in Moffat County Nearing COVID Unit Capacity

Individuals might have differing opinions about COVID-19 but the healthcare facilities are the ones on the frontlines, even in the small towns. There has been a surge of positive cases of COVID-19 in Moffat County. The Craig Press reports that Memorial Regional Health’s COVID-19 unit recently increased capacity from six beds to eight but had admitted six patients. That was in addition to the five non-COVID patients. According to the Vice President of Operations, Jennifer Riley, MRH has been ruling out people for possible admission because of how many are already admitted. If patients need critical, high-level intensive care they will need to be transferred to a higher level of care. Unfortunately, St. Mary’s in Grand Junction is at capacity, as are hospitals on the Front Range. MRH provides separate staff for COVID units so they do not cross contaminate but it has created a real strain on the staff. MRH is exploring ideas to help ease the staffing burden and how to deal with any potential upcoming surge in patients.


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