Portion of Browns Park Closed for Duration of Swan Project

A portion of Browns Park Wildlife Management Area has been closed as part of a project to catch and collar trumpeter swans. Trumpeter swans start to arrive in Browns Park every November during their annual fall migration and they spend the winter there and along the Green River. According to the Division of Wildlife Resources, the project will work to catch 5 trumpeter swans and place GPS collars on them in order to learn more about their migration patterns. “The goal of the project is to identify where the birds breed, and whether they are part of a small population of swans in the Greater Yellowstone area or a larger population in the prairie pothole region of Canada,” shares the DWR. “In order to capture the swans, DWR biologists will be using walk-in traps that are baited with corn. However, baiting is illegal for hunting waterfowl in Utah. The closure is being implemented so hunters aren’t hunting in the area where the bait is being used.” Only a small portion of the Browns Park Wildlife Management Area is closed and the area will be reopened as soon as the swan trapping project is complete sometime in December. 


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