Uintah County Sheriff Message For Community

No matter what your views are on current political events, covid-19, masks, or the economy, we are all feeling the anxiety of 2020. I know for me I worry everyday about the health and safety of my family, co-workers, and the citizens of Uintah County. Like many of you, I have seen firsthand the evolution of the pandemic. At first, we didn’t know anything about the disease and basically took cover to stop the spread. When small towns didn’t have the positive case numbers, we were upset that the world economy and local economy slowed or completely stopped. Then we saw a phase where we just went about trying to live as normal as possible. We are now entering the next phase. There are two sides to this phase. One side is lock everything down and wear masks all the time. The other side is to live life like we used to. There are good and bad to both sides. Are the numbers right? I’ll tell you my perspective which comes from the meetings I attend on a regular basis and the information briefs I receive. The numbers are as accurate as the science that is producing them.  No matter how you view it, there are too many seriously ill individuals in the major hospitals on the Wasatch Front. At the same time, many other individuals are too afraid to go to the emergency room or a doctor until they need hospitalized, which compounds the problems hospitals are facing for critical care.  As we all know, the major hospitals are where the most specialized care is for heart attacks, strokes, serious trauma, and now, covid-19 care. These hospitals and their staffs are busy. I know several individuals that currently have covid-19 or have had it. Some of these people are young and healthy. Some are older and not so healthy. In all of the health and age categories, I know some that have had very little trouble with the disease. They felt that it wasn’t that bad, while others have struggled and said that it was the worst sickness they have ever had and are still dealing with complications. I also know individuals that have died while fighting covid symptoms. Some had underlying health issues and some did not.  With so many different experiences and perspectives, it is my hope that we continue to work together, support local business, and help our neighbors whenever and wherever we can. The Sheriff’s Office and law enforcement in general are extremely busy dealing with everyday law enforcement calls for service. Having said that, the Sheriff’s Office will not be shutting down your business, your holidays, or fine you for lack of social distancing. We will not be arresting you for wearing your mask incorrectly or not wearing one at all. If you are at risk or feel inclined, please wear a mask. If you have had an exposure, please wear a mask. The inconsistency of what businesses are essential and what events are ok to host or attend can also be confusing. The Sheriff’s Office will not deter business, religion, or family functions. When it comes to hygiene, we can all do better and need to do better for each other. We all need to be responsible and courteous of others when we have a cold, flu, or covid symptoms. My hope for all of you is a happy holiday season, and for 2021 to be a great year for your families and businesses. We are still in this together and we will get through this together. May God bless your families, our community, and our great nation.

Sheriff Steve Labrum


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