Uintah County Attorney Lamb Appointed to Fill Judge Seat in 8th District Court

Uintah County Attorney Greg Lamb has been appointed to fill Judge Edwin T. Peterson’s seat in Eighth District Court. Judge Peterson received his appointment in 2009 and recently announced his retirement. Once the position was open the state accepted applications and it was narrowed to four applicants of which the Governor’s Office chose Greg Lamb. In the meantime, what does this mean for the Uintah County Attorney position? Uintah County Republican Party Central Committee Chairman Brian Gorum explains that it will depend on several factors. The appointment of Lamb to the judge seat is still in process and will require approval by the state senate, says Gorum. Depending on how long that process takes would determine if the Uintah County GOP Central Committee will be involved in the process of selecting a replacement for the Uintah County Attorney seat. Gorum says the Committee is meeting on Thursday to go over the issue and decide what approach they would take if they become responsible for the process of selecting a Uintah County Attorney replacement. It would become their responsibility if there is less than 2 years remaining for Lamb’s term as Uintah County Attorney. If everything goes through quickly in Lamb being appointed as the new judge and there is more than two years remaining in the Uintah County Attorney term then Uintah County would likely appoint an interim and an election would be organized. 


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