Terra Academy Students of the Week

The Terra Academy Secondary Student of the Week is 7th grade student Nik Harper, nominated by Mrs. DeBerard. “Nik Harper is an outstanding student who is eager to participate in class,” shares Mrs. DeBerard. “Nik has just come to our school this year and has put his best foot forward. He excels in his classes and is polite to other students.” Congratulations Nik Harper, Terra Secondary Student of the Week! The Terra Academy Elementary Student of the Week is 2nd grade student Jraxton Smuin, nominated by Mrs. Cullen. “Jraxton Smuin has been working so hard since the beginning of the year,” shares Mrs. Cullen. “He gets excited to do math and isn't afraid of the challenges it brings. He loves to share information about animals and is always positive in class.” Congratulations Jraxton Smuin, Terra Elementary Student of the Week!


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