Hotel Vernal Haunt Patriotic Program

The Hotel Vernal Haunt will kickstart this year’s spooky event by having a Patriotic Program this Thursday. Being held at Remember the Maine Park, this spectacular program will feature the volunteers who painted the flag on the rock in 1997. The night will feature the stories of the history of the flag on the cliff and the flag on the rock. To top off the night there will be a Patriotic Laser Light show. Admission is free, but due to limited parking, a ticket is required. The gates open at 5:30pm with the program, starting at 7:30pm. There will be concessions available but the regular Haunt activities will not be available during the Patriotic Program. This is a charity event and all donations will benefit the Dry Fork Flag project. Visit to get your Free Ticket for Patriotic Night with the Patriotic Laser Light Show this Thursday. 


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